Here: When God Came to Earth

Join us in Advent throughout December as we celebrate the arrival of Jesus into our world.

12.6 Promise
12.13 Hope
12.20 Fulfillment

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Relationships are valuable, necessary and very desired and yet at times very fragile. This sermon series will cover the everyday, every person kind of relationships. Great relationships are possible because the Gospel has the power to transform us deeply. Join us and follow along online as we explore the difference Jesus can make in our relationships.

10. 25     Grace
11.1        Truth
11.8        Listen 
11.15      Reconcile

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The Groves Church — Series

This is a series about who we are as a church; the people of God, redeemed by Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit and sent on Mission in the world. Each year, we take time as a church to refocus on who we are, what God is doing and what he has called us to. It’s good to do a reset. It’s likely that many of you are getting back into familiar routines and patterns with the beginning of the Fall season. As a church it is important that we do the same.

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The culture around us is rapidly changing, religious freedoms are seriously questioned and at times curtailed. It may be counterintuitive, but this is good news for Christians and the Church. In this two-part message series, we’ll explore why it is a great time to engage culture as a follower of Jesus Christ.

8.30     Kingdoms, Culture and Conflict 
9.6       Convictional Kindness and the Gospel Counter-Revolution

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The Holy Spirit is often overlooked, feared or misunderstood. Over the summer, we will study the person, work and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

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True Lies

This message series will be focusing on the battle that rages in our hearts and minds to hear and believe what is true and discern what is false. We’re tempted to listen and accept the lies that we hear each day. The sources of these half-truths and outright falsehoods are many: our past, our circumstances, our wounds, failures and our real enemy all speak lies into our lives each day.

Join us from May 3-31 as we address these lies:

o   I can’t change
o   I am what I do
o   I can’t say no
o   I can do it later
o   I’ve gone too far

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Jesus Said What?

Jesus is admired and respected by many as a Jewish religious leader who preached love and acceptance. But Jesus was also controversial. He claimed to be the son of God and the only way to heaven. He encouraged his followers to pay taxes, love their enemies and lose their lives in order to find them. This week, we begin a new series which takes a look at some of Jesus’ most surprising statements.

April 5      I am the way

April 12    Love your enemies

April 19    To find your life, lose it

April 26    Forgive them    

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Family Matters

Every family faces its share of joys and challenges. Wether its managing the calendar during the busyness of life, making a marriage more meaningful or dealing with kids and conflict, families sometimes find themselves in need of hope and help. In this series we will explore how Jesus can transform our families.

Feb 22 The Adoption Option

March 8 Curbing Conflict

March 15 Conquering Your Calendar

March 22 Picture This--Marriage

March 29 Honey I ___________ the kids

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