God calls us to live our lives intentionality and purpose. This Fall we're taking a look at how God's love transforms us, how we can follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and how we can live on misision for the Gospel.


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The Psalms

6.11      The Tree and the Chaf                        Psalm 1:1-6

6.18      The One True King                             Psalm 2:1-12

6.25      When Your World Falls Apart              Pslam 3:1-8

7.2        What to do in Trials                           Psalm 4:1-8

7.9        Prayer of the True Worshipper            Psalm 5:1-12

7.16     When We Suffer                                 Psalm 6:1-6

7.23     Hope for the Slandered                       Psalm 7:1-17

7.30     How Majestic is His Name                  Pslam 8:1-9

8.6      Hope for Deliverance                          Psalm 9:1-20

8.13    Hope for the Practical Atheist              Psalm 10:1-18

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Ruth: Our Redeeming God

God Always Redeems                              February 5                   Ruth, Chapter 1                

    TBD                                                    February 12                 Ruth, Chapter 2

    TBD                                                    February 19                 Ruth, Chapter 3   

    TBD                                                    February 25                 Ruth, Chapter 4


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The Book of Judges :: DIY Disasters

In life we make decisions that seem right to us in the beginning but we end up regretting them in the end. The Old Testament book of Judges gives us a glimpse into what life is like when we live according to our own wisdom--and do what is right in our own eyes.  The good news is this: God is faithful to us, even when we are unfaithful to Him.  He restores and redeems when we turn from our own wisdom and trust him.  Join us for this important practical series and discover how God's grace is real after our own destructive decisions.

May 1    Spiritual Compromise

May 8    Conflict

May 15  Conditional Obedience

May 22  Fear and Doubt

May 29  Self Reliance

June 5   Pride and Power

June 12  Choosing the Wrong Leader

June 19  Spiritual Defection

June 26  Careless Words

July 3     When God Delays

July 10   Unbridled Passion

July 17   Guest Pastor - Love, Pursue, Rejoice Like Jesus

July 24   Self Styled Spirituality

July 31   Being Our Own Standard

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Jesus Outside the Lines

In our day ideological and political divisions are great, as is the rhetoric from those holding opposing views. Can those who profoundly disagree find a way past their arguments and taking sides? Jesus stood outside the lines we often draw and in doing so changed the world. This series explores the life of Jesus and his power to bring reconciliation, transformation and peace.

  • March 27   Incredible Friend
  • April 3        Nonpartisan
  • April 17      Every Life Matters
  • April 24      Real Hope


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Live: The book of Philippians

In this series we explore amazing wisdom and encoruagement on how to Live our lives.  Join us as we understand how and why living a worthy life is possible because of the power of Jesus.

2.28     Live Worthy

3.6       Live Humbly

3.13     Live With Abandon

3.20     Live Steadfastly

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Life can leave us feeling defeated, discouraged and depressed. In our new series we will take a look at how trusting God, living in community and taking some practical steps can provide us with perspective and hope.  


Feb 7         When You Want It All to End

Feb 14       Burdened Beyond Belief

Feb 21       Soul Talk


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God calls us to live courageously for His mission and in the face of our enemies. This study through the Old Testament book of Joshua will provide insight and understanding on how we can follow God courageously in our lives.

Jan 3      Courageous Obedience

Jan 10    Courageous Risk

Jan 17    Courageous Faith

Jan 24    Courageous Devotion

Jan 31    Courageous Confession



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