Gospel Communities

We believe Gospel Communities are vital in helping us grow in Christ. Gospel Communities are groups of six to 15 people that meet weekly outside the church building for the purposes of evangelism, community, and discipleship, with the goal of multiplication. Gospel Communities are:

  • Relational: You know and are known by others. Implied in Hebrews 10:24-25 is a level of awareness and knowledge that only comes through relational connection. To encourage, exhort, affirm, and challenge you must know and be known.
  • More than a Bible Study, Small Group, or Support Group: Gospel Communities focus on growth in the knowledge and application of the Gospel.
  • Indigenous and Local: Because relationships are key to your development as a Christ follower, and because relationships take time, Gospel Communities are composed of people who live in close proximity to one another.
  • Open: These communities are like families. New Christians and non-Christians are encouraged to attend at any time because these gatherings are structured to be like welcoming families.
  • Regularly together: The meeting times are not mandated or heavily managed; rather, these communities, like a family, determine their own meeting schedules. Healthy groups, like families, desire to spend time together regularly.

DNA GROUPS are smaller gatherings of three to four people of the same gender from a Gospel Community who meet regularly for the purpose of:

  • (D) Divine Truth: reading, exploring, studying, and discussing God’s word together.
  • (N) Nurturing: encouraging, challenging, caring for, and holding each other accountable for belief and growth in the Gospel.
  • (A) Apostolic Action: as sent ones we declare and demonstrate the Gospel in our mission field. Our DNA group supports, encourages, and coaches us as we seek to bring the Gospel into our relationships with non-Christians.

(Patterned after Neil Cole’s work with Life Transformation Groups and Soma Communities DNA groups.) To get involved in a Gospel Community email us at: [email protected]